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5773 Industrial Rd, Mt Vernon, IN 47620

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5773 Industrial Rd, Mt Vernon, IN 47620

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Monday 9am - 4pm
Tuesday - Thursday 8am - 3pm

Black Township Trustee would like to welcome you to Black Township, Indiana

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Black Township Community.  I would like to share a glimpse of  history, statistics, and our goal for the township.

Black Township was named after three brothers, Hugh, William, and Thomas Black in 1812.  Black Township originally included an area that is now Point Township until 1822. The 89 square miles of Black Township houses 10,288 community members, 76% urban and 24% rural. This includes the population of the City of Mount Vernon (6,639).

Township government is a “grassroots” structure that is designed to quickly help with the most basic necessities of life. This includes food, shelter, water, and energy/utilities. Our township has a higher percent of those whose income is below poverty level than the State of Indiana, 11% vs. 9.5%.

It is the goal of Black Township to “break the cycle” of dependency through education and personal support.  The township board, trustee, and employees are always evaluating tools that we can implement in our daily use. We are currently working with a variety of community members, organizations, and churches to fulfill our goal.