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5773 Industrial Rd, Mt Vernon, IN 47620

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We're here to help.

(812) 838-3851 Phone

(812) 682-7480 Cell Phone

(812) 838-1623 FAX

5773 Industrial Rd, Mt Vernon, IN 47620

Our Hours

Monday 9am - 4pm
Tuesday - Thursday 8am - 3pm

Guidelines and Checklists

Our guidelines and checklists are very important when it comes to preparing your application for financial assistance. Our guidelines define eligibility and the ways which help can be provided.  Everything is on a case-by-case basis, so please take a look at our guidelines and then call or contact us to find out if and how we can help.


Take a look at our guidelines for receiving assistance. You can download a copy here or you can get a print copy at our office any time.



Our checklist will help you prepare for your application meeting. It will help determine your eligibility for assistance. Not providing these documents will only slow the application process. Please be sure to have this checklist and the right documents with you. You can download the checklist here or you can pick one up anytime at our office.